Tuned volume (tune)

INVITO senza barra

Friday 22nd April, at 6 pm o’clock, the institution Bevilacqua La Masa is hosting the musical performance MIMESYS in Palazzetto Tito (Venezia). The performance will led by the artist Michele Spanghero, author of Tuned Volume and APV projects, who, together with Ugo Boscain, will create a sonic texture on the frequency of the sculpture on display.

Tuned Volume opera, made by Michele Spanghero, with the collaboration of Lunardelli est 1967 Srl Company, for the “Alchimie, Artworks in the meeting between enterprise and art” show, will be animated by the Mimesys duo, combining music, space, and culture.

The exhibition is open until Sunday, May 8.